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Disability workforce must have their voices heard in Royal Commission: Adelaide forums start today

MEDIA RELEASE   United Workers Union, the union for disability services workers, welcomes the Disability Royal Commission commencing community forums in South Australia this week. Australia’s disability services workers provide essential services to some of the most vulnerable members of our society. United Workers Union urges the Royal Commission to make the voices of workers in the sector an integral part of the Royal Commission. United Workers Union members will be participating in the forums to ensure that the voices of disability care workers are heard. At the same time the Royal Commission is underway, the Federal Government cannot neglect this sector, action is needed now ensure that inadequate and restrictive NDIS pricing stops hampering the provision of quality services and decent jobs in Australia’s disability services. Jennifer Connor, United Workers Union disability support member says, “Disability workers around Australia must be given a voice in the Royal Commission proceedings. […]

Red alert – NT Ambos rally at last sitting day

Northern Territory paramedics will hold a silent rally outside the final sitting day of Parliament, calling for the Territory’s ambulance services to be transferred back to the Government. Erina Early, United Workers Union NT spokesperson says, “Today, we once again call for control of the Northern Territory’s ambulance services to be transferred to the Government. “It’s time to stop the privatisation of the NT ambulance service and we’ll be rallying outside the last sitting day demonstrating disapproval of the Government’s lack of support of our NT paramedics, patient transport and emergency medical despatchers. “United Workers Union members want to see the service back under government control in order to secure more access to training, support for staff and a better service for Territorians. “No emergency services should be privatised.”

Training and Events

Training and Events Delegates Rights A lot of delegates are entitled to paid training leave to attend courses. Check your agreement / award for your training leave entitlements. Phone the United Workers Union member help team on 1300 275 689 if you need assistance with your entitlements. Become an activist Does it matter to you when people aren’t treated well? Do you think workers deserve to be treated fairly and respected? Would you like to make your workplace safe and improve your wages and conditions? If you answered YES... GET INVOLVED TODAY! Activists and site delegates are the life blood of United Workers Union. Become a contact for UWU at your workplace Learn more about health and safety and workplace rights How your workplace can win an agreement If you want to get involved, phone your organiser or 1300 275 689, or email us at [email protected] Health and Safety Rep […]

Win for NT emergency service workers diagnosed with PTSD

MEDIA RELEASE   Win for NT emergency service workers diagnosed with PTSD   In a big win for the Northern Territory’s dedicated emergency service workers, the Northern Territory Government has tabled amendments to the Return to Work Act. Most importantly, these amendments include presumptive post-traumatic stress disorder recognition for paramedics and fire fighters. Erina Early, United Workers Union NT spokesperson says, “This is the right thing to do for our paramedics and firefighters, and will bring about the cultural change needed in the territory’s emergency services. It will allow our paramedics and firefighters to be confident enough in putting their hands up to say they are struggling, without fear of any reprisal from their employers and insurers. “Claiming PTSD through workers compensation is stressful and challenging. For too long our paramedics and firefighters are made to feel worthless when they lodge a workers compensation claim. “The union never wants to […]


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Important Information  Know your rights   United Workers Union members proudly work across a range of essential industries in every corner of the country. Our members’ work reaches millions of people every single day of their lives. Working people are on the frontline of the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat. We have a responsibility to ensure workers are safe and their rights are protected as this threat grows. Now is the time for all Australians to get behind the workers who keep our communities running. United Workers believes all Australian workers need significant back-up and support, including from employers and Government, to deal with this global health crisis. If you live or work in Dallas, Roxburgh Park, Fawkner, Broadmeadows, Preston or West Heidelberg, click here for more information. If you work in aged care, click here for more information. We are calling for these commitments to be put in place […]

Migrant Workers – Factsheet

Migrant Workers UNITED WORKERS UNION FACTSHEET 1 Job Keeper 2 Centrelink payments 3 Hours of work 4 Health / Medical 5 Visas 6 Financial distress & hardship 7 Concessions 8 Accommodation 9 Food 10 Legal help 11 Diplomatic assistance 12 General help for students 1. JOB KEEPER What is Job Keeper? The JobKeeper payment is a wage subsidy which will allow some workers whose employer has been affected by the COVID-19 economic downturn to access payments of $1500 per fortnight. I am a temporary migrant worker. Can I get the Job Keeper Payment? Temporary migrant workers, such as workers on a Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482), Temporary Work (skilled) visa (subclass 457) or a Student visa (subclass 500) are not eligible for the Job Keeper payment. To receive the Job Keeper payment you must be the holder of a permanent visa, a Protected Special Category Visa Holder, a non-protected […]

NT Emergency Service Workers win PTSD protections, bill passes today

MEDIA RELEASE In a big win for the Northern Territory’s dedicated emergency service workers, paramedics and firefighters now have the right to presumptive post-traumatic stress disorder recognition. World-leading rules for occupational cancer coverage for the NT’s firefighters have also passed in the amendments to the Return to Work Act. Erina Early, United Workers Union NT spokesperson says, “From today, the Territory’s paramedics and firefighters have won the right to put their hands up to say they are struggling, without fear of any reprisal from their employers and insurers. “Our dedicated emergency services workers are regularly in extremely difficult and challenging situations. Until these new laws passed, claiming PTSD through workers compensation has been stressful and challenging for our paramedic and firefighter members, there have been too many rejected PTSD claims in the past and too often our members have been forced to relive traumatic workplace events. These changes to legislation […]


Aged care workers are challenging Minister Richard Colbeck to take a first simple step to fix the crisis in aged care: meet with workers and listen to their solutions. “After multiple letters to Richard Colbeck this year, aged care workers have not had the courtesy of a response,” United Workers Union Aged Care Director Carolyn Smith said today. “Listening to aged care workers is vital to understanding the failures in aged care Senator Colbeck is responsible for. “Senator Colbeck has spent a lot of time ducking his responsibility for this crisis – it’s time he looked aged care workers in the eye and heard from them what’s going on. “Aged care workers are challenging Senator Colbeck to meet as a matter of urgency to discuss their solutions.” Ms Smith made the comments while launching the National Aged Care Staffing Master Plan covering aged care workers in Queensland, Western Australia, South […]