Aged Care, Home Care and Disability Support Workers Union

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We work in aged care, home care and disability services. We provide essential support to keep older Australians safe. We give you and your family professional care, with dignity, when you need it. Together we are campaigning to change aged care because workers, residents and their families deserve dignity and respect.

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Together, we are a strong voice for better conditions for both workers and residents in the care sector.

The Aged Care System is in crisis.

Aged care workers work hard every day caring for older people despite poor pay, short-staffing, heavy workloads and insecure jobs.

Older Australians are being rushed to shower, change clothes and finish their meals because aged care workers do not have enough time.

The Federal Government must take responsibility for the aged care crisis facing older Australians. Employers have also failed older Australians, their families and aged care workers.

The Aged Care Royal Commission’s recommendations threaten to leave older Australians without the quality care they desperately need.

It’s time to change aged care.

We’re worth it. We’re going to stand together and fight until we get it.

What we want:

A responsible Government would act to keep older Australians safe.

A responsible Government would address the short-staffing facing older Australians every day.

A responsible Government would regulate so profits are not put ahead of quality care.

A care-time guarantee must give older Australians the safety, dignity and respect they deserve.

A care-time guarantee must:

  • Be legally enforceable.
  • Meet the quality care needs of older Australians.
  • Give aged care workers enough time to care.

Jobs with time to care must give older Australians:

  • Trusted relationships with care staff, because continuity of care is essential to quality care.
  • A secure workforce in which workers are not rushing the elderly in their care.
  • A secure workforce in which workers know they have enough hours to live on.

Quality care for older Australians means valuing the hard work and skills of aged care workers.

Quality care for older Australians means a well-trained workforce with the skills to do their work.

Aged care workers provide quality care and work above and beyond the call of duty.

It’s only fair their voices are given respect in the workplace.

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