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51% of aged care workers in Australia are saying older Australians face an unfilled shift every day.


The Government still doesn’t believe that there is an under-staffing problem in aged care and how serious the situation is. It’s time to speak out about what’s really happening in aged care facilities.

Later in June, we’re launching the game-changing Aged Care Watch. This tool will allow us to track and visually represent the hundreds and thousands of under-staffing and workload issues in aged care across Australia. Highlighting the national crisis older Australians and aged care workers are facing will increase community awareness and put significant pressure on decision-makers to fund more care time.

Imagine your local MP getting an email every single time a shift goes unfilled in your workplace! Imagine the media hearing about every single incident that occurs as a result of under-staffing!

It’s time to get ready for the launch of the Aged Care Watch and tell us you stories.

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