AMC Protection Action Ballot - United Workers Union


Who can vote in the protected action ballot?

All United Workers’ Union members who are employed by Americold will receive and be able to vote in the protected action ballot. Unfortunately agency members are unable to formally vote in the ballot.

How will the ballot take place?

The ballot will be conducted by post due to COVID-19 pandemic.

When will I receive my ballot? 

You should start to receive your ballot in the mail around Monday, 8th February 2021 but it will also depend on the postal service. 

When do I have to return my ballot?

The ballot closes at 10am 8 /03/ 2021, but it is important that you post your ballots back to the Electoral Commission before Wednesday, 3rd March 2021 to make sure it arrives before the ballot closes.

How do I vote? 

The postal ballot pack will contain:
  • Voter information
  • Ballot paper 
  • A declaration envelope 
  • Reply paid envelope
Once you have voted, you must place the completed ballot paper inside of the declaration envelope. Then you must place the declaration envelope inside of the reply paid envelope and place it in a post box. 

What if I don’t receive my ballot paper by 12/02/2021?

If you don’t receive your ballot paper, please contact Michael Clarke from the Australian Electoral Commission on (02) 9375 6366 or (03) 9285 7111 or by email at [email protected] and reference the PAB order number : B20201/26 so that they can arrange a replacement ballot for you.

What questions will be on the ballot?

Below is an example of the protected action ballot. Remember to vote YES to all forms of action to give us the option to take any or all of these actions:

How many votes do we need to win the ballot?

There are 2 steps to win the ballot:

  • A majority of voters must return their ballots in order for it to succeed and
  • A majority of the returned ballots must be yes votes.

This means that we need everyone to return their votes and everyone to vote yes. The stronger the return and yes vote, the stronger the message it will send to Americold Laverton!

When will we know the outcome of the ballot?

The Electoral Commission will count the votes on the 09/03/2021.