AMC Vote No - United Workers Union



Dear members & Americold workers, next week Americold is asking workers to endorse an agreement that the majority of workers were not happy with and voted down in December last year. The company has not significantly improved their offer since then and so the offer is not good enough!

Americold has decided, (without mentioning this in any of our negotiation meetings) to threaten workers’ back payment if they do not vote this up.

Why are they threatening workers? All we want is to protect our bodies and, if we lose the contract, a decent redundancy for our longest serving workers.

They got a brand new reception and offices in Lav1. Why wont they meet us halfway? They have enough money to clean up the site but not to give workers new equipment?

Americold has agreed to 2 of our claims (at no cost to them) but nothing else workers wanted! Why do they need to give an incentive for workers to come to work if the wages are all that matters to us?

What is still outstanding?

  1. Members voted to take a 3 year offer at slightly lower increases so the company would meet us at least halfway on some of the remaining claims. NO ONE has voted for the 4 years but the company is trying to ram it through by threatening your backpay! Why are they threatening their workforce? 
  2. Workers not to get penalised on a single performance rate: It does not remove any of their systems, it just means managers will have to be better at keeping track of the floor as there are other performance measures to go by. What part of this is not a good thing? It takes pressure off workers’ bodies & mental health which Americold has a duty of care to protect!
    Additionally if Americold brings in an incentive scheme for ALL roles, then ALL those roles will be measurable. Meaning the potential for workers to get warnings for pick rates in module or loading can still happen, especially with the ever increasing demands of Coles & Woolworths, that get higher every year. Four other sites already have this clause already so we know it works for companies and workers!
  3. Redundancy Improvements: There are lots of other warehouses, Woolworths included, that have the same and some even higher redundancies in the event of site closures. Hume DC got 104 weeks & MLDC is at 82 weeks. They aren’t even guaranteeing the oldest and longest serving get priority, it’s always at their ‘discretion’. The Woolworths contract does not rely on how much Americolds redundancies are. Americold has plenty of money, just look at everything they have purchased for the site and what they have taken from workers pockets in the last two years.
  4. Night Shift able to work Full Time (Americold cut costs here.)
  5. Early Morning Shift Allowance reapplied (We used to get it!)
  6. Team Leaders – Fair offer (Saved money with no team leaders.)
In the meantime Americold have come out saying that workers are paid well and if we push Woolworths, we will lose the contract (in a nutshell).
We have kept workers informed and not shied away from our position in the industry. We have told workers of industry changes and the real possibilities of automation. The PAB is not to push up wages, it is to protect workers’ bodies for the future and give them dignity in redundancies, if Americold do indeed lose the Woolies contract. Why would workers vote up an offer they are not happy with? 

WE NEED TO VOTE NO NEXT WEEK and send a message that we will not sell off our futures. Let’s get them back to the table by standing united! We know our claims will benefit workers in the long term. Americold workers know they are paid well but this is not just about that, it’s about protecting workers bodies and futures by implementing claims that will make Americold an even better place to work in the long term!