Americold Bargaining Update – United Workers Union


Union Agreement Update

Please check out Americolds Log of Claims. This was presented to us today where  we had an opportunity to ask questions. Due to time limits, Americold have taken our questions away and will respond to in next week’s (Tuesday 26th) meeting.


Americold's claims:

1. 4 Year Agreement – (Clause 1.3)
2. Any employee who has absented themselves on leave without pay from their ordinary roster during the
week, will not be eligible for extra day(s) overtime including weekends for that week; (4.2.3)
3. Include an associate that works OT on the weekend but has Leave without pay the following week, will
not be entitled to OT that following weekend. (Add to clause 4.2.3)
4. Remove the evidence and notification and just include; Where an employee fails to present to work
that over time shift they will not be eligible for any over time for the next two weeks (Clause 4.2.5)
5. Put a limit on personal leave that can be accrued for payout (Clause
6. Removal of TOIL (Clause 4.7)
7. Normalise pay on stocktake dates – pay normal OT instead of triple time (Clause 4.2.3)
8. Removal of Team Leader Level 3 and all relating clauses and references to Team Leaders
9. Introduce: In the event the Company introduces heated forklift cabs, freezer allowance and freezer
breaks do not apply; (Include in clause 3.3.2)
10. Eliminate the pre-2009 part-time restrictions; (Clause 4.1.2)
11. Part time employee not entitled for public holiday on non – roster day. Part time associates only to be
entitled to Public holidays if it falls within their rostered hours. (Clause 5.7.2)
12. Reward for absenteeism rates being below a specific percentage; (New clause)
13. Reduction in Sunday Penalty rate of ordinary hours work to 75% (Clause 3.8.2)

Your claims:

1. Fair Pay Rise (12% over 2yrs)
2. Two Year Agreement covering Victoria
3. No Pick Rates, Variance or Incentive Scheme
4. Redundancy Improvements (Model Clause incl. No Cap)
5. Early Morning Shift Allowance incl. 10min Break Time if starting prior to 5am
6. Base rate increased to double time over weekends and Permanent Employees able to work 7 Days
7. Workers able to take RDOs over their full roster with no Black Out periods for RDOs or Annual Leave.
8. Permanent workers to enjoy same benefits for Public Holidays as Part Timers in Clause 5.7.2
9. Training & Rotation Improvements – clarity on Step Ups/Team Leader Roles plus permanents given priority of upskilling and rotation.
10. Increased Sick Leave Entitlements
11. Higher Super Contribution
12. Shift Allowances applied to leave and RDO entitlements + allowance to be paid from afternoon shift start time onwards
13. Night Shift able to work a Full Time Roster
14. Paid Breaks – 2 x 20mins

Based on delegate feedback, and as your nominated representatives, we have put the company’s claims in order of what we feel would have the most negative impact to the majority of workers and we will discuss this further in our Mass Meetings Report Backs.

1 is most detrimental then going down the list. 
1. Removal of Toil
2. Reduction in Sunday Penalty Rate
3. Heated Forklift Cabs with potential removal of freezer allowance
4. Part Timers Public Holidays access reduced
5. Elimination of pre 2009 part time restrictions
6. Remove evidence & notification
7. Removal of Team Leader etc.
8. Limit of personal Leave accrual
9. OT limiting clauses
10. Stocktake
11. rewarding workers for not taking personal leave
Apart from the claims they put forward, there have been no other responses from Americold to our claims yet. We anticipate this to happen more at our next bargain meeting to be held on the Tuesday October 26.

Mass Meetings to report back on Today, times below…

Monday 26/10 Laverton 1 dayshift 13:00 – 13:30

Monday 26/10 Laverton 1 afternoon shift 22:30 – 23:00

Wednesday 21/10 day shift 13:00 – 13:30

Thursday 22/10 afternoon shift 22:30 – 23:00