Freya, Author at United Workers Union
August 31, 2020

Aged Carers Speak Out: ‘Thank You Is Not Enough’

Aged care workers across Australia are speaking out about the appalling conditions they face while working in aged care, sending a message to employers and politicians: “Thank you is not enough.” In a week of action, aged care workers are sharing their stories of the challenges they face working in the historically understaffed, underfunded and underpaid sector. Based on the annual Aged Care Workers Day on September 2, aged care workers are telling the Federal Government that gratitude without addressing a broken system is just empty words. South Australian aged care worker Ehying says: “In a 12-hour shift I sometimes walk more than 25,000 steps as I provide care to those I care for. “I have been a personal care attendant for 19 years and I love my job. “But the expectations on carers are too high and there’s not enough time to do the job properly. Thank you is […]
August 27, 2020

Can Aegis afford your 3% pay rise? Here are the facts.

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