Jaden, Author at United Workers Union
April 26, 2021

4 reasons you’re better off being a Union member

4 Reasons You’re Better Off Union   Unions have a long history in Australia. The first Australian union was formed in the 1820’s, and between 1850-1869 there were around 400 unions formed in Australia. In fact, United Workers Union itself is a successor of the Watchmen, Caretakers and Cleaners Union, which was first established back in 1910. Back then unions fought for the basic rights we sometimes take for granted today, like an 8-hour working day, weekends, overtime, annual leave, sick leave, long service leave, collective bargaining rights, universal superannuation, redundancy, health and safety regulations, penalty rates, and so much more. These rights have shaped the lives of working Australians for generations. But there is still so much left to fight for. Like the fight for increased superannuation, domestic violence leave, and gender equality. And the fight against wage theft, unfair dismissals, casualisation, automation, and insecure work – issues that […]