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Baptist Care SA – respect your Adventure Camp workers

The treasured memories of Mylor Adventure Camp are under attack from Baptist Care SA.

While management’s pay and conditions remain the same, they also want to cut staff wages by up to 30 per cent!

The online tool below will help you to generate an e-mail to the CEO and board of Baptist Care SA expressing your solidarity with the hard-working staff of Mylor Adventure Camp.

Don’t let Baptist Care SA ruin Mylor Adventure Camp.

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Mylor Adventure Camp email tool
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To the Board Members and CEO of Baptist Care SA

Stop your attack on Mylor Adventure Camp workers.

It is with dismay, shock and outrage I have learned about changes affecting Baptist Care SA’s Mylor Adventure Camp, a place that rightly has a place in the heart of many South Australians.

Imagine the dismay of learning staff at the camp will have their pay cut by 30 per cent!

Imagine the shock at hearing one worker, a cleaner, with five boys to support, will suffer a 27 per cent pay cut – $330 per week or $17,400 a year – meaning the family will struggle to pay their rent, school fees and other essentials.

And please understand the outrage that is felt when learning the people who cook, clean, mow, book, fix and keep people and equipment safe are faced with massive pay cuts, yet management will keep their handsome pay packets.

Please can you review this decision and intervene on behalf of a very dedicated but now very disheartened and traumatised workforce.