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Everyone wants their child to have the best start in life, and everyone knows that it is education that determines a child’s future chances and choices.

Quality early learning is the key to unlocking every child’s potential, and as early childhood educators we are proud to play such an important role in the lives of young Australians. That’s why we are coming together with parents and broader community to demand that those who educate and care for our children are properly recognised with pay that reflects the importance and responsibilities of our profession.


Hospo Voice is Australia’s first digital union for hospo workers. This industry is constantly changing and evolving, and we need a voice that represents us. Hospo Voice is a platform for hospo workers to come together and use collective power to change our industry.

Everyone engages with the hospitality industry and therefore has a role to play in ensuring that our basic rights are met. We provide our skills, our passion, our professionalism and our lived experiences. We deserve safety, respect and dignity from our employers and customers, and we are coming together to reclaim it.

We deserve jobs we can count on and a wage we can live on. We will fight for a decent standard of living and a secure retirement.

Our voices are powerful and we are going to use them to make hospo a better place to work.

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