Campari Workers Draft Log of Claims - United Workers Union

Campari Workers Draft Log of Claims

The below claims were raised by members through surveys & meetings.  If there are important claims missing from this list, email your organiser Tegan ([email protected]).


Your claims:

1. Fair Ray Rise & Allowances
2. Improvement to existing Classification Structure and clear definition of job roles (incl. higher duties allowance)
3. Better Redundancy & transferal protections (4 wks, no cap)
4. No Doctor Certificates for single days off
5. Agency Casuals covered under EA with conversion to permanent in 6-12 months
6. High Risk Allowance
7. No Forced Shift Rotation, only voluntary
8. Better structured training with feedback & within a time frame & choice of trainer
9. Fire Warden & First Aid allowance
10. Sick Leave paid out when leaving site

Another text will go out Tuesday morning to confirm the log of claims and then we will vote in groups, by shifts. Any questions don’t hesitate to call your organiser, Tegan – 0417 113 918.