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May 10, 2020


Ive gone from working two jobs 7 days roughly 55 to 60hrs a week to near nothing over the last two weeks. Its been a struggle to go from being offered full-time contracts from both of my work places which I absolutely love to now not working at all. Covid-19 has delayed everything for me as I didn’t get to sign any contracts before everything went into lockdown and to top it off I’m not even eligible for the governments jobkeeper payments as I haven’t even been in Canberra for 8 months. In hospitality we follow the work/shifts for a lot of us its seasonal we go from place to place to secure our pays and that’s how we survive. It seems like the government doesn’t care about our industry or even understands it by putting the limits on for jobkeeper. Im lucky I was offered a supervisor role for […]
April 2, 2020


I have lost my job and need tip rely on my partner. We needed to cut internet services and as to reduce rent
March 30, 2020


Every day we see news reports urging people to stay home, stay safe and rising infection/death tolls. This is ALARMING! We all have families, grandparents or friends to try to protect but as an essential service we are expected to put on our uniforms and game faces and get out there. We are expected to be reassuring, have all the answers AND resolve any issues and problems our clients might have. We receive updates and texts from managers but their reassurance is hollow when we know they are at home on their laptop. We have no idea if our next client is infected. No idea if our PPE is enough to protect us or if there is enough to go around. No idea if we know enough. We are isolated, ill informed and scared as hell!
March 30, 2020


As being international student, things getting hard,neither I have job nor I get any benefit given by government..
March 30, 2020


So I have been stood down at work while this crisis is happening. The manager said I haven’t lost of job but in the mean time they have to stand me down for a minimum of 4 weeks. I am a permanent with them, it started off by losing around $600 a week after tax and then literally to no work at all.
March 30, 2020


I’ve lost my job and the industry I’m trained in has fallen apart – so there’s no jobs going for chefs right now. I’m trying to apply for other work but not hearing anything as I’m unskilled/have not recently worked in other industries and there’s so much competition. I’m not going to be eligible for Centrelink because my partner earns too much – his job is likely to fall through within the month. I’m better off than many – I’m lucky to have a partner to support me. But it’s still a horrible situation and I feel helpless. I’d rather not access my super only to leave myself short later in life.
March 30, 2020


Its affecting my familybecause I am a single earner at home.My husband was driving uber but he is not been able to work from last month and my job is almost gone.Being a casual worker I am really stressed how me and my family will survive in these crisis.
March 30, 2020


I don’t have any hours due to covid-19 and I centrelink can’t help me. I have so many expenses coming up I hope this is all over before I run out of savings.
March 30, 2020

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