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August 27, 2020

Can Aegis afford your 3% pay rise? Here are the facts.

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August 19, 2020

South Australia – Aged Care Government Directive FAQ

Download the FAQ: SA Aged Care Government Directive FAQ
August 19, 2020

Covid-19 Outbreak At My Workplace – South Australia

Download the FAQ: SA Covid19 Outbreak At My Workplace FAQ
July 1, 2020

Landmark ruling gives cleaners, security guards right to redundancy payouts

A ruling in the Federal Court today is a landmark victory for long-serving cleaners and security guards who are being callously dumped without redundancy payments. Even more broadly, the ruling affirms the rights of employees to redundancy payouts when an employer loses a particular contract – underpinning the rights of hundreds of thousands of workers now and into the future. The full Federal Court ruling confirmed workers in Queensland and Western Australia previously employed by Spotless Group have won the right to be paid their redundancies, despite Spotless trying to use a Fair Work Act loophole to avoid the payouts. Today the Federal Court rejected an appeal lodged by Spotless after Spotless lost an earlier case launched by United Workers Union’s predecessor in 2018. The precedent-setting ruling found Spotless should not deny redundancy payments to workers at Sunshine Coast Plaza Shopping Centre and Perth Airport, where the group lost cleaning […]
April 7, 2020


March 21, 2020

Calls for urgent action to protect farm workers

We will only get through this if we are all looking after one another. The Australian Government needs to act immediately to ensure the safety of all farm workers in this crisis. Below you will find the demands your union, the United Workers Union, is making of the Government. If you have questions about your health and safety at work, please visit our Covid-19 page here. Yumi mas stap tuketa mo helpem o kiv han long wanwan long yumi. Australi Gavman I mas tekem action hariap blong mekem sua se seifti blong evri fam werkas I mas seif long taem olsem. I ko daon bai u fainem se union (UWU) I stap enfosem Gavman. Sapos yu kat kwesjen long helt mo seifti long wok ples, please lukluk long Covid-19 long page ia. 我们惟有互相扶持,方可共度时艰。澳大利亚政府需要立即采取行动,以确保在这场危机中,所有农场工人的安全。在下方,您可找到您自己的工会-联合工人工会(UWU),对联邦政府提出的诉求。如果您对工作中的健康和安全有疑问,请在此处访问我们的Covid-19页面。 我們惟有互相扶持,方可共度時艱。澳大利亞政府需要立即採取行動,以確保在這場危機中,所有農場工人的安全。在下方,您可找到您自己的工會,工人聯合工會(UWU)對联邦政府提出的诉求。如果您對工作中的健康和安全有疑問,請在此處訪問我們的Covid-19頁面。 Kami hanya akan melalui krisis ini jika kita semua menjaga satu sama lain. Kerajaan Australia perlu […]
December 5, 2019

Pizza maker accused of million dollar wage theft

One of Australia’s largest supermarket pizza manufacturers is accused of systemically underpaying vulnerable migrant workers in a case lodged in the Federal Court this morning. United Workers Union will pursue Melbourne pizza manufacturer Della Rosa for chronic underpayments in the vicinity of one million dollars and for compensation for breaching the workplace rights of predominately Indian and Afghani workers. United Workers Union, the union for food manufacturing workers, alleges that 21 former workers were paid a flat rate by Della Rosa and denied overtime payments, shift loading, and public holiday rates. The pizzas made by these workers are supplied to Coles, Woolworths and IGA stores across Australia. Susie Allison, United Workers Union Director of Food and Beverage says, “Today Della Rosa will answer to their workers who have had almost one million dollars stolen from them. Workers in the factory were paid a flat rate even if they were working […]