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February 17, 2021

Submission to Senate Standing Committees on Education and Employment: Inquiry into Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery) Bill 2020

United Workers Union has asked the Senate Committee to reject this legislation which is an attack on workers’ pay and conditions at a time where we need to be rebuilding our economy. This won’t be possible if employers have the ability to entrench insecure work and slash take home pay. If passed the IR Omnibus Bill will leave workers worse off and will have a significant negative effect on those workers whom we relied on to deliver us through the COVID-19 pandemic. The legislation will: Make insecure workers even less secure Will allow employers to rush through enterprise agreements that undercut the safety net with less scrutiny Will lock some workers out of enterprise bargaining for unacceptably long periods Will replace more effective criminal sanctions against wage theft with less effective ones. Summary of United Workers Union recommendations: Having regard to the dire impact the proposed legislation will have on millions […]
February 15, 2021

In their own words…

Angela  I am a cleaner and I work for a large contractor. I have been working for the same employer for over six years. I love my job, but things have been hard.  I must know the terms of my agreement well because my employer seems to forget their obligations under our Enterprise Agreement.  I have been underpaid, denied overtime rates and it’s been left up to me to have to chase things up. It is not easy to raise these issues and I worried about losing my job every time that I had to ask for what is my minimum entitlements.  Recently the Queensland government made wage theft a crime and this bill would greatly reduce those protections. Under this bill my employer could steal from me and I would have to prove their intent.  Even with a conviction the penalty would be reduced from 10 years in prison […]
August 27, 2020

Can Aegis afford your 3% pay rise? Here are the facts.

Click here to download the Aegis 3 per cent pay rise facts flyer
August 19, 2020

South Australia – Aged Care Government Directive FAQ

Download the FAQ: SA Aged Care Government Directive FAQ
August 19, 2020

Covid-19 Outbreak At My Workplace – South Australia

Download the FAQ: SA Covid19 Outbreak At My Workplace FAQ
April 7, 2020


March 21, 2020

Calls for urgent action to protect farm workers

We will only get through this if we are all looking after one another. The Australian Government needs to act immediately to ensure the safety of all farm workers in this crisis. Below you will find the demands your union, the United Workers Union, is making of the Government. If you have questions about your health and safety at work, please visit our Covid-19 page here. Yumi mas stap tuketa mo helpem o kiv han long wanwan long yumi. Australi Gavman I mas tekem action hariap blong mekem sua se seifti blong evri fam werkas I mas seif long taem olsem. I ko daon bai u fainem se union (UWU) I stap enfosem Gavman. Sapos yu kat kwesjen long helt mo seifti long wok ples, please lukluk long Covid-19 long page ia. 我们惟有互相扶持,方可共度时艰。澳大利亚政府需要立即采取行动,以确保在这场危机中,所有农场工人的安全。在下方,您可找到您自己的工会-联合工人工会(UWU),对联邦政府提出的诉求。如果您对工作中的健康和安全有疑问,请在此处访问我们的Covid-19页面。 我們惟有互相扶持,方可共度時艱。澳大利亞政府需要立即採取行動,以確保在這場危機中,所有農場工人的安全。在下方,您可找到您自己的工會,工人聯合工會(UWU)對联邦政府提出的诉求。如果您對工作中的健康和安全有疑問,請在此處訪問我們的Covid-19頁面。 Kami hanya akan melalui krisis ini jika kita semua menjaga satu sama lain. Kerajaan Australia perlu […]