Our New Cleaning Campaign - United Workers Union

Our New Cleaning Campaign

Join the campaign HERE to fight for better cleaners’ pay, better cleaning jobs and a better cleaning industry.

Since COVID-19 hit Australia, cleaners have been at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus.

The Cleaners’ Solution is their answer to the many issues and challenges cleaners face in the industry.

The campaign has 5 key demands: more time to clean; better equipment and training; better wages and job security; deals with quality cleaning companies only; and respect and a voice at work.

“Hardest thing about being a cleaner is the new jobs piled on all the time. There’s never enough time to get everything done.”

Paul, Cleaner

93% of surveyed cleaners always, often or sometimes have to rush their work because they don’t have enough time.

The Cleaners’ Solution calls for more time to clean:

  • Increases in cleaning hours and cleaner numbers.
  • Reduced workloads so there can be a focus on quality cleaning.
  • Compliance with the Safe Work Cleaning Guidelines.

“We need more training and team talks, where they are actually done face to face. Better and more cleaning supplies and equipment. We don’t get enough cleaning products or have to water them down to make them last.”

Deborah, Cleaner

80% of cleaners do not have enough cleaning equipment to do a quality job; don’t have enough personal protective equipment (PPE) to do their job safely.

The Cleaners’ Solution calls for better equipment and training:

  • Access to PPE including disposable gloves, disposable cloths, disinfectant, and masks when cleaning areas with public contact.
  • Increased face to face training to ensure cleaners know how to deliver quality cleaning.

“This pandemic should make it clear how vital proper cleaning is, and cleaners should be properly compensated for the risks we take in ensuring the safety of others.”

Ross, Cleaner

87% of cleaners say they are not paid what they are worth; 77% of cleaners are worried that they will lose their job.

The Cleaners’ Solution calls for better wages and job security:

  • Cleaners being paid minimum Level 2 of the Cleaning Services Award in recognition of the importance of the work being performed and the skill required to ensure public safety.
  • Job security at change of contract to ensure continuity of cleaning and retention of trained workforce.

“Stop all those tenders where the contract gets cheaper and cheaper every year. Otherwise we have to do more work for less money and have less equipment to do the job professionally.”

Daniela, Cleaner

The Cleaners’ Solution calls for clients to deal with quality cleaning companies:

  • Clients should be dealing with contractors who have the ability to deliver the above and be held to account, e.g do not sub-contracting, can provide of adequate cleaning materials and equipment, and training.

“Two problems we face on a daily basis that cause us stress is the lack of respect from employers and the unfair treatment of cleaners by supervisors and managers.”

Jamie, Cleaner

The Cleaners’ Solution calls for respect and a voice at work

  • Cleaners should be recognised for the important role they play in creating a hygienic and safe society.
  • They should have a voice in their workplace and delegates and health and safety representatives