Crown Perth COVID Update - United Workers Union


In just over 24 hours, 1307 workers signed a petition calling on Crown to provide more financial support for stood down workers, in the event of the closure being extended.

Since the announcement of the lockdown, Crown been consistent in their position; if the closure was extended, workers would not receive any further pay after 6pm Friday 5 February.  

Due to the huge response from members, and pressure from your Union delegates, Crown made the right decision and has agreed to provide some extra financial support for stood down workers, in the form of a one-off payment.

As well as this payment, members had already won payment of all rostered shifts until Friday 6pm; it should be noted that when the lockdown was announced there was no guarantee rostered shifts would be covered. 

Other wins this week include: 

  •  payment of rostered shifts extended to 6am Saturday 
  • any planned leave during the first week of the closure will be reversed 
  • the ability to use annual leave to top up the one-off payment.

Union member’s activism, and show of strength, were vital in getting Crown to to pay staff. Considering their firm position on extra payments, and the fact they had no legal requirement to pay workers, this is a significant union win for workers at Crown.  

Yet, despite all this, some workers will still struggle financially due to not receiving wages for the week. Again, workers bear the brunt of the impact of COVID and necessary Government mandated lockdowns.  

Union members will need to keep fighting to ensure employers and governments do the right thing for workers impacted by lockdowns.

Your union has already written to the State Government requesting they provide some financial support for workers who are stood down. To make sure the Government hears your voice, we are asking workers to sign this petition to support the request.

If you have any questions or queries please contact [email protected] 


Together, we can transform the future for working people.