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Please find a copy of your email for your reference below.


Keep older Australians safe in aged care!

My name is [your name] and I am an aged care worker in your electorate.

I am writing to you as the Australian aged care sector is in crisis. As an aged care worker, I see older Australians not being kept safe in aged care on a daily basis. Older Australians are not getting the care they need because of under-staffing, heavy workloads and job insecurity facing aged care workers like me.

We have to rush them to shower, change clothes and finish their meals because we do not have enough time. The community is increasingly aware of this crisis and the nation is watching the federal government’s actions closely.

I have the following demands for the government to create an aged care system that gives older Australians the care and safety they deserve.

1. More funding going into care, not profits – Aged care needs significantly more and regulated funding so profits are not put ahead of quality care.

2. A care-time guarantee – must give older Australians the safety, dignity and respect they deserve. It must be legally enforceable, meet the quality care needs of older Australians and give us aged care workers enough time to care.

3. Jobs with time to care – must give older Australians trusted relationships with care staff, a secure workforce in which we’re not rushing the elderly in their care and us workers know we have enough hours to live on.

4. A decent wage and recognition of skills – Quality care for older Australians means a well-trained workforce with the skills to do their work and valuing the hard work and skills of aged care workers.

5. Respect in the workplace – Aged care workers provide quality care and work above and beyond the call of duty. It’s only fair our voices are given respect in the workplace.

Will you act to keep older Australians safe and fix this crisis, [recipient first name]?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,

[your name]