Hanes - Rights for everyone - United Workers Union

Workers at Hanes Distribution Centre, Truganina

Whether you work for Hanes as a Permanent, Limited Tenure, with Programmed or Toll People, every worker at Hanes has rights!

  1. The right to be heard, including the right to join and be an active member of the United Workers Union, speak up, ask questions, fight for your rights without fear of reprisal, take Industrial Action and vote NO to the company’s offer. 

  2. The right to be safe at work, including the right to refuse to do unsafe work without being disciplined and the right not to be bullied or pushed around and FORCED TO ATTEND WORK IF THERE IS A STRIKE and you do not feel safe to do so.

  3. The right to stand up and fight for a real wage increase on the base rate, where ALL workers receive a pay rise that allows them to support themselves and provide for their families and the right to stand up and fight for job security for yourself and casual workers

It is ILLEGAL for any company, including labour hire companies, to discriminate on the basis of union membership or union activity. Should any concerns be raised in this regard, UWU will take immediate action to ensure that the law is being complied with! You can not be told you have to go to work if you do not want to

UWU and your Delegates are ready and willing to meet with the company if they wish to do so. However, the company needs to listen to it’s workforce, give ALL Workers a wage increase on the base rate, and provide job security and permanent jobs for workers NOW, and in the FUTURE.

Stay Strong and United

Do Not Let Let the Company Scare or Divide You!

Unity is Strength!