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ISS log of claims

Log of Claims - ISS Melbourne Airport
Issue Objective
Training & Career development Testing and accreditation to occur after minimum 'on the job training' periods. (training to include use of machines in use)

Prompt re-training of APOs normally engaged in screening when they lose clearance for screening.

Length of service to be a preferred factor of consideration in the allocation of training opportunities.

Length of service to be a preferred factor of consideration in filling vacant higher duties roles.
Breaks Clear and fair breaks for shifts beyond 10 hours.
Weekend Work/family friendly rostering Fair compensation for excessive weekend work.
Fair Rostering Codified Review of rostering for the purposes of fairness as a part of Joint Consultative Committee.
Discipline A defined and enforceable process that ensures procedural fairness, fair process and has a positive health and safety impact.
Stand-downs A fair process in the case of stand downs due to a stoppage of work for any cause which the employer cannot reasonably be held responsible.
Fair Redundancies Redundancies to fairly recognise all years of service.

A process for managing redundancies that recognises and supports length of service at the airport.
Fair Pay Rises Pay rises that maintain current industry advantage.
Payslip information Details of LSL and sick leave accruals to be included in payslips.
Pandemic leave Paid leave provisions to cover APOs when required to self-isolate by government order.
Union rights Recognition and support for the work of union delegates at the Airport and the right of APOs to have access to their union.
Health & Safety Ensuring that workplace representatives are informed of risks and that identified problems are resolved quickly.
Income protection insurance Income protection insurance provided to all employees.
Better off than the award Ensuring EBA conditions are equal to or better than the Security Services Industry Award.
This is your opportunity to have a say! ISS workers have worked hard through this pandemic to keep Australia moving. YOUR airport delivers to the WHOLE COUNTRY and you should have a say in your working conditions. When workers are supported, businesses are supported!
If there are important claims missing from this list, the United Workers Union delegate group is authorised to add, remove or amend any claim on authorisation from Union members on site.
Email your organiser Kazim if you have any questions: [email protected]