Officeworks Email Action - United Workers Union

Help Officeworks members fighting for a fair wage and job security!

Officeworks have made record breaking sales during the pandemic, made possible by the dedicated workers in their warehouses. Warehouse workers at Officeworks have risked their health and safety to keep the company profitable during the pandemic, with 3 workers struck down with the virus in the Victorian warehouse.

Still Officeworks won’t offer anything above a 2% increase – thats barely over $20 a week. Officeworks employees want secure, permanent jobs and a share in profits that they helped create.

Workers need YOUR help to send Officeworks CEO Sarah Hunter a message. Use the button below to send an email in support of Officeworks members!

Don’t forget to add your name and press send after you hit the bottom.

Want to do more to help ?

Share this graphic on Facebook and support the action by not shopping at Officeworks on Monday August 24!