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We are essential workers who feed Australia. We are the workers on the Seasonal Worker Program.


Without us crops would go unharvested, farms would stop and food would not reach Australian tables. We come from the Pacific and Timor Leste, united together in the United Workers Union.

We demand that employers and the Australian government guarantee the following for every seasonal worker:

  • Free Medicare for All. We demand access to Medicare like any Australian worker. We are sick of paying for expensive insurance that is hard to access when we need it.
  • Lower Deductions. No more overcharging or profiteering. Deductions must reflect actual costs, and must be much lower than they are.
  • Accommodation and Transport. No more overcrowded, unsafe housing. No more restrictions on our freedom to travel where we want.
  • Better Wages. We need above-minimum wage pay that reflects the value of our work, and an end to rorting of piece rates.
  • Dignity and Respect. Racism, bullying and rudeness must stop. Australia’s history of blackbirding and slavery must not be repeated.
  • Right of Return. Workers must not be intimidated with threats to ‘send them home’. If you do the right thing, you come back next year.



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