Petition: Freedom for fitness professionals to choose their own registration



We the undersigned call for the right to choose our registration provider and as a union will stand together against employers who require us to register with their preferred company.

Fitness professionals should not be required by their employer, or anyone else, to register with a particular fitness registration company as a condition of their employment. This is not a legal requirement and employers should not be imposing this additional requirement on their employees and contractors.  Different fitness registration providers provide different benefits for members.

The United Workers Union, as the union representing fitness professionals, supports fitness professionals having the freedom to choose their own professional registration that best suits their needs.

Encouraging choice will promote better options for fitness professionals, which will benefit everyone in the fitness industry.

“It is important that Fitness Professionals understand their rights and not be forced into paying for things that they simply don’t want or legally require in order to work. The Fitness Industry in Australia does not have any sort of official Governing Body and people should not be forced into supporting one private business over another.

There are many quality courses and training available that certain Registration providers will not recognise; upskilling is important, but no one should be forced into doing unnecessary courses that they do not wish to attend simply for “points”, when they could choose to attend courses they actually value.”

– UWU member & Fitness Professional

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