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PFD Petition

Jobkeeper Implementation at PFD

As part of our consultation process we would like to set out our preferred implementation of the Jobkeeper package now that PFD is eligible. 

We are looking for an approach that maintains fairness, equality and respect for workers here at PFD. 

We, the undersigned, have the following demands:

  • Use the JobKeeper subsidy to return all full time workers to full time status. We believe that, taking into account the ratio of stood down to full time workers, this is a reasonable request based on the wages you are currently paying and the additional funds you will get from the package.
  • Use the subsidy of workers who are eligible to maintain the wages of those workers who aren’t. This includes casuals with less than 12 month service and workers who are on visas not covered by the package. We consider these people our workmates and our equals and don’t want them to suffer because the government has not included them.
  • Reimburse paid leave entitlements to those workers who have taken leave during the period the JobKeeper subsidy applies, with a  particular emphasis on those workers who have depleted their leave balances because they were not rostered to work or required to take leave.
  • Apply the principle of “the pain gets shared equally” moving forward. 

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