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November 16, 2020

Returning to work at Crown Melbourne: Everything you need to know

You’ve seen the announcements from Dan Andrews, you’ve seen a flood of speculation on Facebook, you might have even received a pretty confusing letter from Crown and hey you might have already done a shift or a little bit of training! It’s happening, we are on the road to reopen! (and shout out to those in our team who have been on deck this whole time!). To clear up the widespread confusion, your UWU Casino Union Delegate team met with senior HR from every department on the return to work process. We’ll be honest, there’s lots that is unanswered and lots that we are going to need to all work together on to reopen as smoothly and safely as possible. We’re all going to need to problem solve throughout this process – but that’s nothing new to the most successful casino team in the country! What’s Up With These Letters? […]
October 23, 2020

Recommendations to the Aged Care Royal Commission

What happened? The lawyers who help the Royal Commission, known as the counsel assisting, have made 124 recommendations for the Royal Commission to consider in its final report due on February 26 due next year. A full link to the 124 recommendations in the 475-page report is available here. What are the headlines? The counsel assisting the Royal Commission made sweeping recommendations that cover almost all aspects of home care and residential aged care. If the recommendations are adopted they could greatly improve conditions for aged care workers across the country, with recommendations covering: A mandated minimum staffing level to improve the quality of care. A recognition that aged care wages are too low and wages need to rise. Improved training. Registration of workers. New duties on providers to report their performance. What happens next? The recommendations are NOT the recommendations of the Aged Care Royal Commission. We have to […]
October 22, 2020

Crown Perth: Union Info Sessions

Your casino union will be running information sessions from 9th – 20th November for all workers at Crown Perth. These sessions are an important chance to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the casino and our jobs going forward. Keep an eye out for when you’re attending and make sure to contact the union if you have any issues. Make sure you’re a member of the United At Crown Perth Facebook group for latest updates.
October 12, 2020


IMPORTANT UNION UPDATE RE: EBA & JOBKEEPER Enterprise Bargaining Agreement Since the reopening of the casino in late June, members have come together to discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 shutdown and how this affects our pay and conditions. As Casino Union members, we work together to democratically decide what to pursue when we negotiate with the company. Whether the priority is a fair wage increase, better job security, or improved conditions, union members are the decision makers in our union. The time has now come for members to have your voices heard. We are actively planning member only meetings at work during paid time, to enable union members to discuss and decide our approach to our EBA. These meetings are forecast to be held in the week of November 9. Exact times and locations will be provided as soon as they are confirmed with senior management. In order to facilitate this, SkyCity […]