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Tell Lion directors: don’t abandon workers as you abandon South Australia

When multinational beer giant Kirin announced the closure of the West End brewery, they showed no respect to South Australia and no respect to the essential workers who worked through the pandemic.

This is your chance to send a message to the directors of Kirin’s Australian subsidiary, Lion, telling them: treat your workers fairly as you abandon South Australia.

To send, fill in your first name and last name. When you’re done, hit the generate email button and you will be able to review the email.

West End workers

Text of the letter:

Dear Lion director

Your decision to close West End Brewery

I am writing to express deep disappointment at your decision to abandon West End Brewery and abandon South Australia.

South Australians have shown great support to West End over decades.

Your decision to close a profitable brewery is unfair and uncalled for.

I also call on you to treat your workers fairly as you pull the pin on Adelaide and South Australia.

Until you address this poor treatment of essential workers, my friends and I will not be supporters of your other beer brands including Hahn, Tooheys, XXXX, James Squire and Little Creatures.


Supporter of West End Brewery and South Australia