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Open letter to L’Oreal management from L’Oreal staff

February 2021

Mr Jean-Paul Agon, Mr Nicolas Hieronimus

Chairman and CEO, and Deputy CEO



Dear Mr Agon and Mr Hieronimus,

We, the below signed workers, work at L’Oreal’s warehouse in Dandenong, Australia. We are long-serving, dedicated employees who enjoy working for L’Oreal. We take pride in having played a part in making L’Oreal the successful company that it is.

For many years we have enjoyed a good and productive relationship with local management. Together we have negotiated several collective agreements that provide living wages and conditions and support the continued growth of L’Oreal in Australia.

However, recently this has changed. We have now been in negotiations for a new collective agreement for over 14 months. Local management is no longer listening to our concerns and we believe that they are no longer genuinely negotiating with us in good faith.

We delivered good results for L’Oreal through this pandemic. Yet local management is aggressively attempting to take conditions away from us – removing time off with our families, shrinking the agreement to cover less workers, and undermining permanent jobs.

Local management is also attacking our union rights to freedom of association. They have limited workers’ ability to hold and attend union meetings, have prevented union officials from attending the site and negotiations in person, and required workers to attend one-way ‘captive audience’ meetings without union representation urging them to accept their offer.

They also continue to expand casualisation and labour-only contracting arrangements. Most workers here used to have secure full-time jobs – but now most workers on site hold insecure casual jobs through labour-hire agencies, and management is adamant in refusing workers’ call in negotiations for a guarantee that permanent jobs will not be further reduced.

For these reasons, we believe local management is acting in a way that is inconsistent with L’Oreal’s Employee Human Rights Policy.

We have now lost faith in local management’s ability to negotiate our collective agreement.  Therefore, we ask you to intervene and involve more senior levels of management in negotiations.  We are taking the difficult step in the hope that we can reach a fair outcome in negotiations and to rebuild the relationship and trust between management and workers.

Yours Sincerely

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