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Can you believe it?

West End Brewery owners Kirin made more than $540 million in profit in Australia and New Zealand last year!

And the boss of the giant beer company banked a salary of $2.8 million.

But the owners of the multinational are serving their workers a very bitter brew after announcing the South Australian brewery’s closure last month.

They have told hard-working West End brewery workers in South Australia they can’t afford a redundancy package that addresses the harsh realities the workers are facing.

Here are the facts:

  1. Many are losing positions they have held for decades, with little prospect of retraining for quality jobs.
  2. Workers are also losing their jobs in the midst of the worst global slowdown in a century.
  3. After the closure Lion is planning to sell off a prime piece of Adelaide real estate with an asking price of up to $100 million.

The workers are asking for a redundancy payment that reflects the reality that they are facing a total shutdown.

The owners need to understand West End is a brand South Australians have supported for decades.

They also need to understand that South Australians support South Australian workers.

It’s only fair South Australian workers are given the support they need instead of another round of bonuses for high-paid executives.

Sign the petition and tell the Kirin bosses: don’t give West End workers the worst end.



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United Workers Union delegate Adrian Radny says:

“Management has failed this brewery here, every United Workers Union member knows that.

“The young ones have been hit extremely hard. They’ve got young families and there’s nothing out there for them.

“For everyone, it’s more workers on Jobseeker.

“They should pay for this being a closure just like they did with Mitsubishi – no-one’s got any choice in this.”

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