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United Workers members in the covid-19 crisis

How is Covid-19 impacting members?

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Member stories from the Covid-19 crisis
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Stories from
United Workers Union members:

March 25, 2020


I am a chef. I am on temporary visa 489. Due to recent situation I lost my job. I can’t find another because all restaurants and hotels was forced to shut down. We are not allowed to receive support from government as we are not residents. I have a family a wife and a 3 year old daughter. My wife has only part time job a couple of days a week and our income doesn’t cover all our spends. Also we have to care about our small daughter as she is only three someone has to be with her all the time. We do not have childcare support either. According to this situation we will be in the edge of survival after three or four weeks without current governmental support. I think it is fair to provide support to everybody in this tough time. There are hundreds of thousands like […]

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