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We work in every department of the casino, including table games, food and beverage, hotels, security, cleaning and more. We are direct casino employees and we are contract workers – we are one union family. Together we are campaigning for secure jobs with fair pay and good working conditions. We know big casinos have the money and power to provide good jobs, and together we are making sure they do. We are campaigning all across Australia and we’ve already had some big wins. Join your casino union today!

Surviving 2020

  • Major casino operators Crown and The Star were some of the first companies to agree to paid pandemic leave. We also won two weeks pay for many casino workers who were stood down.
  • Casino workers also won employer hardship funds and payments totalling millions of dollars for workers not eligible for the government wage subsidy, or experiencing other hardships.
  • During the year we kept the union together and strong while casinos were shut, and pivoted quickly to helping members with the practical support they needed in a crisis, e.g. help navigating Centrelink, information on financial assistance, mortgage/rent deferrals and more.
  • Amidst the COVID pandemic, we were able to secure a commitment from both The Star and Crown to end indoor smoking across all casinos by 2023.
  • And we started building the union at the new Crown Sydney casino – there are only a couple hundred workers there at the moment, but already two out of every three are UWU members.
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Current Campaigns

Your pay and the rules of your job are being fought for in multiple casinos right now! These rules are called your Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA).

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The Manager, Surveillance & Operations group are renegotiating our pay and conditions – fighting for decent and balanced jobs! That means our team in Table Games Area Managers, Cage & Count Area Managers, Gaming Machines Area Managers, Security Services Managers, our whole Surveillance team, IT Operations and Riverside Service Executives.

Right now you can have your say on what’s most important. If you haven’t done it yet, please complete this survey. If you haven’t had a chat about it yet, maybe you need more union contact people in your area! Get in contact using the contact form above.

Workers’ pay and conditions are currently being renegotiated at SkyCity Adelaide. Members are deciding what’s most important to improve at work now and you can too – click here to have your say.

This is one of the most important decisions that will impact the lives of all SkyCity workers for years to come – get in touch with your organiser to talk about what’s next.

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